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Why Draftex

Even if there are quite a few Drafting and As Built service providers in New York , there are many reasons why Hundreds professionals wouldn’t trust  any Drafting firm to provide then with drafting services , or to create As built drawings, to measure there building s or Construction sites only Draftex,

Most advanced measuring Laser Technology:   At Draftex we believe in being the leader in Technology , our surveying Crews are equipped with the most recent released technology,  laser measuring  tools , that enable us to provide the must accurate  As built drawings on the market,  Since Mid 2012  we start to use our   new Software called “SiteDraft”  that allow our measuring personal to laser measure , and create the drawings on site! by getting all the dimensions imported directly into our small Tablet Computers  we generates the cad drawings on site! that insure  that the drawings are “100%Error Free” and are reflecting the real existing conditions of the building.

Guaranteed Accuracy :   A as built drawing is  only beneficial  if its really accurate, that’s why  Each and every drawing made by Draftex  has a 100% Guarantee that all dimensions and details of the drawings are accurate  , we will never release a drawing  if its just 98% accurate, a  As built drawing done by Draftex  means a 100% accurate As built Drawing

AsBuilt Plans in 24 Hours   We offer Rush turnaround time  if necessary. quite often  a contractor need a as built in middle of construction , or  * changes has been made during construction  and when finishing construction the  Architect and owner wants to record all changes done differently from Plans initially filed with he city ,or when someone built without Proposed plans  and has to file with the city for the work that has been done , and they need  As built drawings asap in order to avoid violations or fines , we will get those drawings done  in 24 hours.

Professional  and  well trained Personal : at Draftex each and every employee  has a solid professional background and education in the Architectural or drafting field, before a staff member gets hired to work for our firm , they will go through a custom training program , to make sure they have the best knowledge  and training to insure clients satisfaction.

Superb customer service and support: finally, professionalism and accuracy need to go hand in hand with our renowned customer service.  our trained customer service team are always available to answer your phone calls right away with courtesy and respect. emails are answered shortly and we provide price quotes the same day. service with care and our professional work is why you should call Draftex today!!!!!

Please fell free to contact Draftex today at 1 888 443 7238  or Email us at info@asbuiltplans.net