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As Built Floor Plans


We pride ourselves as the best “As Built Floor Plans” developers and our floor plans always prove to be beneficial in each and every building documentation. We provide detailed structure placings while creating the floor plans which help the end users in acquiring the accurate design of the floor.

A floor plan is basically a drawing which represents the spatial use of a building in terms of room placement and dimensions including the placing of features like windows, doors, stairs, etc. An As-Built floor plan is created after the construction is done showing all the changes made if any, by the builder or contractor to the original drawings .

Advantages of As Built Floor plans created by us:

Our As-Built floor plans have been helpful in different types of construction works including the most important elements of any post-construction process such as renovation, real estate transactions and marketing. We provide the as built floor plans in different forms such as on plain paper, specific drawing sketches or in soft copy which can be easily understood by computer applications.

As Built Floor Plans of School in NYC

Our As-Built floor plans are important elements of a measured building survey with which property owners are more likely to be familiar. We offer a detailed breakdown of the dimensions of the property, along with important structural features such as doorways, windows and stairs. We always go for the client requirements and incorporate additional features such as radiators, pow

er outlets, lights, switches, etc. too in the drawings.

Draftex is committed to providing  its clients with the best As-Built floor plans. For every project our focus is on  functionality, aesthetics, structural engineering and cost. All the projects are handled with unique perspective and integrity.

We create accurate As-Built plans affordably & very quickly thus giving our clients the critical input they need to make their project more predictable, efficient  and profitable.

Draftex has a well rounded professional staff for creating As Built Floor Plans for any kind of structural unit. We bring a variety of skills together to provide the best possible customer experience. The company has experience in the determination of “as-built” square footage of commercial properties, customer service, sales, quality control, and information technology; which enables  us to provide the best possible values to our customers.

Draftex specializes in the creation of As-Built floor plans for commercial office and retail, industrial, mixed use, campus properties, multi residential & residential. The As Built Floor plans created by our experts provide each and every detail about the existing structural unit in our delivery reports.

We are one of the most trusted firms in NYC, working since 2000. We have been providing excellent service for years to our clients including architects, engineers, asset managers, developers, designers, marketers,  and home owners. We’ve been doing clear and accurate as built drawings from many years and we’ll still be doing this in years to come.

As build floor plans, that’s the most common  work we are providing , we will measure any type of structure and locate the exact location of  Walls, fenestration, openings, plumbing, HVAC registers, casework, attached fixtures etc , and draw all the information into a auto cad drawing and create a accurate “As built Floor Plan”

As Built Floor Plans may include some or all of these elements:

• Plumbing Plan

• Reflected Ceiling Plan

• Window and Door Schedule

Most of the work our firm is preforming is in NYC , our  trained measuring crew  are are on the road each and every day measuring  buildings and generating As built floor plans of the biggest Buildings in NYC , commercial office buildings etc.

For more information about our As built services or to get an accurate estimate for  As built drawings for your project,or for any questions you may have Fell free to Call us at  1888.443.7328 or email us at info@asbuiltplans.net