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CAD Drafting Services

Cad Drafting services is one of  basic services Draftex provides for the NYC  Architectural and Real estate industry,  We at Draftex have a full staff of  Professional and   high trained Cad drafters with  years of experience in all aspects of Auto Cad and  local drawings requirements, that’s  why Draftex is  the leader in most trusted Cad drafting firm in NYC

Our drafting team will work and adjust to every  clients needs  and specifications , we are doing work on daily basis for a wide range of clients in the Tri state area  , tens of Architects and Architectural and Engineering firms  are relying on Draftex to  get some additional work force at bigger projects or at time there in-house staff couldn’t   handle to finish up with some drawings  to meet a deadline etc.

When we providing  drafting service , we will meet with the client before we starting the job on a face to face meeting , to review all the details , to make sure we  have a 100% full understanding on all specifications ans special detail and needs for each and every client.

By dealing with a local drafting firm and being able to  meet in real life with the Professional  Drafter to discuss your project will avoid you to west tens of hours or even days  that you will spend by having outsourced  your cad drafting  needs to a firm not located in you local  area.