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As Built Services

Whether your  project is large or small, Draftex will handle all your as built service needs,from a single house plan of a 1,000  square feet  up to  tens of thousands of square feet , we can meet your requirements. We have vast experience of providing  professional as built  services  ,  including   As built floor plans, Sections, and evaluational plans, for any type of  structure , from private homes and domestic premises, apartment blocks, supermarkets and shopping malls, and have carried out  thousand  measured survey jobs  and  provided hundred of clients with accurate as built drawings

As built services , are considered an essential part of any building  in the building industry. Such drawings are crucial when it comes to any alterations or refurbishments to be planned for a building.

We will provide you with the followed :

As Built Floor Plans

As Built Elevation plans

BOMA calculations