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Existing conditions Documentation

The process of Existing Conditions Documentation involves documenting the existing structural components as these stand at the moment, having all the current alterations and modifications to the original building. As you go through the design process, the architect will present a variety of drawings to you, to present the design options. Some of these may make more sense to you than others.

Creating existing conditions plan is necessary when the buildings gets older and it has been changed many times in the past. The current structural components may not be as these had been at the time of the construction of the building. This is one of the bigger reasons the existing conditions documentation needs to be accurately created again.

Existing Condition Documentations: The job description.

A few months ago, we were hired by a builder located in New York City for creating the existing condition documentation for a double storey house. The house was really very well built and consisted of two floors, but it had gone many changes in last two decades and thus it was difficult for the builder to make further changes without knowing the exact structural design for the house. Every room was having big windows and proper ventilation system and as stairs were built, it was really very impressive. There was a lot of walk around space in each room, and more space can be easily utilized for further structural components. This had been the reason they wanted us to create an existing condition documentation, so that they can move ahead and make more changes in the structural design.

We developed a complete set of existing conditions documentation using the measurements recorded by our best guy through different tools we have developed in last couple of years. All the measurements were thoroughly checked and written down with each structural component on the pages. Finally, we merged all the drawings one by one and created the finalized documentation.

Our client agreed that they got a clear picture of the final outcome of the project. Our clients were so much satisfied that they said, they will hire us for more projects as our work was very accurate and correct. They agreed that they have never seen such “ready to use” as built drawings and existing conditions documentation in past. It was really overwhelming to hear such encouraging words from the client.

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